Cusco Surroundings, Choquequirao

Choquequirao Quechua name meaning "Golden Cradle, is located in the Inka region, department of Cusco, province of the Convention, district of Santa Teresa. The ancient city is located in Choquequirao mountain pertaining to the Cordillera of the Salkantay, in the right margin of the Apurimac river.

Choquequirao is a recently rediscovered ridge-top Inca site far away in the Andes about two days walk from the remote city of Cachora. Cachora is located around 4 hours drive north of the Incas capital of Cusco. Back and forth, it was about 37.28 miles, round trip, from Cachora to Choquequirao.

According to historians, Choquequirao was the dwelling of the last rebel Incas of Vilcabamba, and like Machupicchu , the Spanish were thought never to have discovered it. Hiram Bingham visited the site in 1910. This was his first experience of "lost cities" prior to his discovery of Machu Picchu in 1911. This route offers us a formidable trek across diverse ecosystems. We will enjoy beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks of the Vilcabamba Range.

Choquequirao is divided into two zones and its stone buildings are forming small villages. The governors' houses and the main temple are located around its main square. Researchers state that the complex have been an important religious, politic and economic centre as well as a commercial and cultural link among the Coast, the Highlands and the Jungle.

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