Cusco Surroundings, Paucartambo

Paucartambo "the top of the world" is located at 100 km, about 4 hours to the east of Cusco. It is a community which leads to one of the few remaining unexplored regions still to be found in the world: the biosphere of the Manu National Park, visited by people from all corners of the planet. Paucartambo is known as the folklore province of Cusco and of Peru.

Its old bridge, its beautiful church, narrow and stony streets, small squares and big houses with balconies and wide halls: Paucartambo still keeps a strong colonial air. Besides, it is one of the towns with more dancers and dances associated to the Corpus and the pilgrimage of Qoyllur Ritti.

Here in Paucartambo, thousands of believers come together to celebrate the festivity of La Virgen del Carmen, also called Mamacha Carmen, The Saint for the Mulatos. The reunion starts in the main square of the town, where lots of bands play their instruments, while a chorus sings in quechua behind the band, they dance to the music and it all represents many faces in the history of Peru.

During the day the groups of dancers go around the whole town, everything turns colorful and very musical, the people that came to watch all of this become entangle with all the bands and mixing themselves between the community into a magic celebration.

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