Puca Pucara

Cusco Surroundings, Puca Pucara

Puca Pucara who's name in Quechua means “red fortress” is a military construction comprised of layered terraces, high walls and stairways. The fort made up the Cuzco line of defence.

Located 6 km from city of Cusco, at an elevation which makes it possible to see the road to Antisuyo. It is thought to have functioned as a lookout position, as well as being an administrative and military centre.

In Pucapucara there are places, interior squares, baths, aqueducts and a ancient trail that is very well know. The buildings are made of stones they have many sizes between medium and little ones, on the surface of the rocks is very rugged, comparing with other archeological rest. The urban disposition is appropriate and functional.

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