Cusco Surroundings, Raqchi, temple of Wiracocha

Raqchi is an Inca archaeological site in Cusco Peru also known as the Temple of Wiracocha. It is located at the 72.7 miles, to the south of the city of cusco, is located in the district of San Pedro, providence of Ccanchis, department of Cusco.

There are evidences proving that Raqchi was a complex town of multiple constructions, even the terraces to cultivate had different purposes. "Kanchas" (apartments), "wayranas" (building of only three walls), "qolqas" (storages), different urns, the religious fountains, etc. It was possibly an important "tambo" along the route to go to Collayuso.

The "temple of Wiracocha" is a great construction for that age. Architectonically it is classified as "Kallanka", that is, a high building completely covered with straw (wood and "ichu"). Externally it is 92 meters long (302 feet) and 25.25 meter wide (83 feet). Its central wall was built with refined carved stones, the base is about 3 metres of adobe (bricks of sand with straw dried by the sun).

Raqchi has a varied weather, is very mild and dry in the season of autumn and winter (april-october), rainy and humid in the seasons of spring and summer. The temperatures during the day and night ranges from 54 ºF and 68 ºF during the day and lowering considerably in the nights with temperatures below the 32ºF.

Taking  a tour to the Inca Trail is the dream of those who visit Peru, arrive at Machu Picchu and marvel at its spectacular beauty and historic environment is an unforgettable experience.

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