Cusco Surroundings, Tambomachay

The archaeological site of Tambomachay is located at 8 km (15 minutes) to the northeast of Cusco, by asphalted road; and at 1 km of Puca-pucará. It is located at a foothill near the main road to the Antisuyo, overt the Tambomachay River. It is also known as Tambo de la Caverna (Cave Roadside Hostelry) and occupies an area of 437 square meters, located at 3,700 meters of altitude.

The construction was completely made from sculpted stone and was formed by four walls or terraces on the hill, made by irregular many-angled bases very well assembled. It shows four great niches or vaulted niches in trapezoidal form of an average of 2 meters. In front of the building there was a circular watchtower that had defense and communication purposes.

The tradition knows this place as the “Bath of the Ñusta” due to the special circumstance exist two aqueducts that have clean water all year, they come from wells that are well-known places single by the constructors, and it seems that they brought forth the bases of the construction Inka; the volume is uniform, the water comes together and it falls into which is well-known as a liturgical source like “Baño of the Inka”, in front of this building there is an immense tower of circular plant to watchtower.

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