Cusco Surroundings, Tipon

Tipon was an agricultural site in a U-shaped basin, which also held ceremonial buildings and living quarters. It is one of the most elaborate examples of agricultural terracing created by the Incas. These tall terraces which run up the narrow valley are irrigated by an aqueduct from Pachatusan, the mountain above the site.

It has a territory of 2,200 hectares approximately and it is in the district of Oropesa, Quispicanchis’ County.

Tipon is one of the biggest and most beautiful complexes; here you can find the remains and the gardens that Wiracocha had made for his father Yahuar Dacha. The historian from cusco Victor Angeles said that Tipon could of been the Royal House of Yahuar Huaca, who retired in this place, after leaving Cusco during the attack of the Chancas. Wiracocha his son, he confronted the intruders and he defeated them, coming into Cusco as the hero, after this he took the place of his father.

Tipon is definitely one of the lesser visited sites in the Cusco area but it is equally as impressive as those in the Sacred Valley.

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