Climate of Cusco

City of Cusco

The climate of Cusco is generally dry and temperate. There are two distinct seasons in Cusco the dry season which is from April to September, sunny days and chilly nights and average temperature of 55°F (13ºC).

The Cusco has a special weather due to he height at which it is located as well as its closeness to the Equator.

Cusco is under the macro-climatic influence of great air masses originating from the South-Eastern Jungle, the High Plateau, and even from the distant region of La Patagonia. The winds from the Southern Jungle involve large air masses filled with humidity, which are impelled by the Eastern Trade Winds.

The winds that come from the Peruvian-Bolivian High Plateau are cold and dry, just like those originating from La Patagonia, which are supposed to involve larger events. These winds enter through the South-Eastern zone.

The seasons change during the year is not very evident; but, generally, it is possible to distinguish two well-defined seasons: the rain season, which goes from November to March; and the dry season, which goes from April to October. It has an average annual temperature that fluctuates between 11°C and 13°C. During the sunny days the temperature goes up to 20°C.


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