Inca Trail, Llaqtapata

Llaqtapata, or the Town on the Hillside, is the first of the ruins that you come across if you begin at the traditional starting point for the Inca Trail, Kilometre 88 or Qoriwayrachina, Gold Sifter.

This settlement was taken over from pre-Inca people and expanded by the Incas, almost certainly as a center of food production for supplying the Inca Trail sites and Machu Picchu itself. Though well planned and constructed, most of the architecture is utilitarian and repetitive in style.

The area of Llactapata is a Archaeological Zone that it has approximately four kilometers long by 2 kilometers wide, containing more than 80 man made structures and features which we have organized into five sectors. The zone at it central part is 4 1/2 kilometers from Machu Picchu.

Llactapata was burned by Manco Inca Yupanqui, who destroyed a number of settlements along the Inca trail during his retreat from Cusco in 1536 to discourage Spanish pursuit. In part due to these efforts, the Spanish never discovered the Inca trail or any of its settlements.

The Inca Trail Tour to Machu Picchu is one of the world's most famous Hike in Perú, an experience you can't miss.

As in Peru's history is based on Inca culture in Mexico the story is based on Mayan and Aztec culture, and for all those interested in discovering, there are Mexico guided tours that will let you know its historical wonders.

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