Peru, City of Arequipa

Arequipa is the capital of Arequipa departamento and región, southern Peru, in the Chili River valley of the Andes Mountains. It begins in the coastal desert and then climbs the Andes, reaching great altitude at the snow covered peaks and at its volcanoes.

Arequipa, Peru's second largest city and is well known for its glistening white buildings made from sillar, a white volcanic rock, which gives the city its nickname 'The White City', was founded in 1540 and is surrounded by spectacular mountains, constitutes the main pole of economic development due to their multiple resources and to their irrigation projects that favor mainly to the agriculture and the cattle raising; industry of milk products and leathers. It has a modern infrastructure.

The main attraction within the city for many is the Monasterio de Santa Catalina, undoubtedly the most beautiful convent anywhere, where you can get lost amongst the passageways which resemble Spanish cities of days gone by. Many of the city's beautiful colonial houses are now used as art galleries or museums.

The historic centre of Arequipa, built in volcanic sillar rock, represents an integration of European and native building techniques and characteristics, expressed in the admirable work of colonial masters and Criollo and Indian masons. This combination of influences is illustrated by the city's robust walls, archways and vaults, courtyards and open spaces, and the intricate Baroque decoration of its facades.

Arequipa also offers an exquisite cuisine, beautiful landscapes of countryside, majestic volcanoes, the Colca Valley, challenges and adventures in Colca Canyon, natural reservations, and the heat of friendly people willing to make the tourist enjoy their visit to Arequipa.



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