Peru, Lambayeque

The department of Lambayeque is located on the coastal plain and combines arid zones, rich valleys, and dry forests. Chiclayo, bordered by fertile valleys and very close to the ocean, is the capital of the department and the commercial nexus among the three Peruvian regions: coast, highland, and jungle.

The city has conserved many traces of its past, where we can appreciate the old colonial houses with their wooden balconies and their wonderful windows. One of these colonial houses, La casa de la Logia o Montjoie, has a very long balcony (64 meters long); in fact, it is the longest colonial balcony from all South America. In Lambayeque you will also find the famous Brüning museum.

The Bruning Museum, established in the early 1900s, contains hundreds of gold and silver pieces, as well as textiles and ceramics, from the Vicus, Chimú , Moche, Inca, and Lambeyeque cultures. The Tumba Real, established in 2002, contains artefacts from the tomb of Sipan. Lambayeque is also the home of King Kong, a popular dessert with filling made of fresh milk, pineapple sweets och peanut.This part of peru is also famous for their "alfahores" , Which is a "dulce de leche" filled cookie sandwich.

Lambayeque also boasts one of the best cuisines in the country: exquisite rice with duck competes with cebiche in a competition where the gourmands are always the winners. The lovely port and beach resort of Pimentel and the tradition town of Saña with its Colonial houses and churches in ruins round out the attractions of this fascinating department.


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