Sacred Valley, Chinchero

Chinchero is located at the northwest of Cusco, at 28 km.(17.4 miles), called "El Pueblo Del Arco Iris" (the town of the rainbow), it is located in a valley, the town of Hispanic architecture is built on old Inca constructions.

Largely built of stone and adobe, the town blends perfectly with the magnificant display of Inca architecture, ruins and megalithic carved rocks, relics of Inca veneration of nature deities.

Chinchero it possesses a beautiful Andean landscape and is surrounded by the year-round snow capped peaks of Chicón, Wequey Willca (commonly Calle Puna Sillo or Veronica). The current town of Chinchero is a blend of Andean and Hispanic architec and is also home to a unique archaeological complex, with the remains o buildings, places of worship, and terraces for crops and for foundations.

The chincheros market is one the most important in the region because of the great quality of the crafts they sale here. The qualities of these products are well known international for its excellence and beauty.

In this market we can see the “trueque” a form of exchange of products, that is still in practise, here the woman still practise the form of weaving made all of llana for the sun's sons in the Imperial Cusco.

The town of Chinchero, in where the stone is the main protagonist, is strategically located at the intersection of three roads that connect Cusco, Yucay and Pumamarca. At the time of Tahuantinsuyo, it was located on the road that led directly to Machu Picchu. This route started on the Carminca block (current block of Santa Ana), continued through the side of Senca hill, passed near the Piuray lagoon and nearby Chinchero it continued up to Maras.

Take in the history of beauty of Inca Trail with a tour to Cusco and Machu Picchu, and marvel at one of the seven wonders of the world.

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