Sacred Valley, Maras

Maras it is located 46 km. from the city of Cusco in the province of Urubamba and still maintains its colonial architecture and is home to the most important salt mines in the region. Beautiful terraces have been finely carved from stone, as well as lintels with sculptures.

The salt mines have been exploited since Inca times and during the Vice-regency, it was the largest salt producer of the southern highlands.

The town was founded in colonial times by Pedro Ortiz de Orue, and its important occupation began when the Cusquenian Inkan noblemen were dispossessed of their palaces in Qosqo and had to move settling some other small towns such as San Sebastian and Maras. Likewise, during the war started by Manko Inka willing to recover his Quechua nation, it served as stronghold for invaders that raided against the Ollantaytambo town that was occupied by the Inka during 2 years.

The first Maras belonged to the clan of Ayar Cachis, who was lord of the salt, which turned into a mountain close to Cusco. It is possible that they stayed there to settle because it is thought that inside the mountain there are fabulous salt mines".

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