Sacred Valley, Pisac

Pisac, on the Río Urubamba, is 32 km northeast of Cuzco, and a good starting point to visit the Inca ruins along the river valley, called the Valle Sagrado, or Sacred Valley.

Pisac is also known for archeological ruins similar to the Machu Picchu site. According to oral history, tribes from the Amazon crossed the Andes and sacked Cuzco several times, and the Inca fortress at Pisac is thought to have been an outpost protecting the capital from attacks by the jungle tribes living in the east. The Insight Guide for Peru reports that the Incas referred to this eastern quarter of their empire as "Antisuyo" and to its jungle inhabitants as the "Antis" and it's from this word that the name "Andes" derives.

The Pisac complex is made up of several different areas. Outside of the walled complex is Qanchisracay, a small compound of rough stone buildings. This area probably served as a military garrison, and may have housed local villagers in case of attack. There are also some ruins of aqueducts. The area might have been home to farmers who worked the lower terraces.

Enjoy your trip to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in Peru.


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